Server framework Update (3/8/2018):

Server Framework Update (3/8/2018)

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Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:14 pm

Hi all,

We're continuing to make great strides with the new upcoming server framework. We have completed work on many new features, and have improved upon many others. We are continuing efforts to stabilize a few things alongside the work of adding and improving some other things. Some of these improvements include a much more in-depth tow/mechanic system, AI and Player based Taxi Service, better trucking jobs, an improved EMS/Fire experience, more realistic handling, and much more. We will also have much more control on the admin side and we have already made many adjustments in an effort to stop as much Fail RP as possible.

We still have a good bit to do, but we are definitely further along than we expected we would be at this point in development. We still don't have a release date pinned down as things change for us on a day to day basis. However, we expect to have everything ready for a re-launch build somewhat shortly.

We will continue to listen to community feedback and look into adding or improving things which make sense for our long term goals for the server and our community. We are planning some major policy changes on both the whitelisted job side, and the civilian side of things. This is all very early in the decision making process, so we don't have anything to speak about in regards to that just yet. Community Board style meetings are one of these plans, and more will be discussed about that in the near future.

Below, I will answer a few of the most asked questions we have received in the recent past. I hope this will cover some of the community's concerns.

1; Why are all player stats being reset for the new framework?
Due to some major changes within the backend code and the database, this is the best course of action. If we were to transfer all current stats from each and every player, it would likely take months to complete due to the need of manual input. Also, due to the economy changes, it would be unfair for new players to start out with very limited funds, but veteran players already having hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

2; Will complete account resets be something which occurs often?
No, this is something which we absolutely will not do unless we have no other viable option available to us. We understand that many players do not like having to recreate characters or be forced to re-earn money, vehicles and items.

3; Why is it taking so long to develop the new framework?
There are many new features and server-wide improvements being made as we progress. There are many things which need to be re-written, tested, and improved upon before becoming public. Besides that, our community only has two full-time developers, both of which have lives outside of video games.

4; Will you be giving us any additional details on upcoming features?
We will likely release tidbits of information related to upcoming server features moving forward, but we would like to keep much of it under wraps until re-launch. This is for a couple of reasons. First - Improvements and changes are being made to many features on a daily basis and we will not consider any of those features set-in-stone until the framework goes live to the public. Second - we want some things to be a surprise for your first play session.

5; Do you have any ideas or plans for the future (once the re-launch happens)?
Regarding future features for our FiveM server, yes, we have many ideas for things that we would like to improve upon or add. I can't provide much detail right now, but we already have some things lined up for development and we will likely begin work on them soon after we release the new framework onto the server.

Hopefully the above is enough information for now, and we hope to announce more as soon as we possibly can. Thank you!

-Code 4 Roleplay Staff

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