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Server Rules Guidelines and Details (MUST READ)

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Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:37 pm

This post is to inform all of you of the things we are implementing in an effort to take control back of the server and community we love. This is something that we feel is necessary for all of our dedicated players and something everyone should read about in full.

It seems that a lot of the people who join the server want to either hack, grief, troll, or all of the above. We are taking a stance to prevent this from continuing and will not have mercy on anyone who decides to ignore the rules list and/or repeatedly ignore orders given to them by an admin when we see that a rule, or rules are being broken with intent.

Starting today, we will begin issuing harsher punishments to players who join the server only to ruin the experience for others - This will include more kicks and bans being handed to offending users. Below will be some examples of what will happen in specific scenarios.

- Cheating/Hacking: Instant ban with no possibility of it being reversed
- Cop Baiting: One kick/warning and then permanent ban with possibility of it being reversed, if valid reason is provided for offense
- RDM (Killing players just to do it): One kick/warning will be given in most cases, if ignored, the player(s) will be permanently banned without the possibility of it being reversed
- Combat Logging (Leaving while being arrested or while in jail to avoid time): One warning and re-jailing, if offense occurs again, the player will be permanently banned with the possibility of it being reversed, if a valid reason can be given for the offense
- Not using Microphone: Players will be kicked anytime a microphone isn't being used in an RP scenario such as a traffic stop, citizen stop, jailing, etc. Voice convertors of any kind are not allowed unless used within strict RP.
- AFK (Away from keyboard): We have a system in place to kick players automatically after one (1) hour of being away from the computer/game
- Trolling: Two kicks/warnings and then permanent ban without the possibility of it being reversed

The above examples were just some of the results of offenses and should give you a basis of what to expect from breaking any of the other rules set forth by our team. You can read the rules list in full here.

It sucks that we have to make a post such as this to remind people that this is an RP server, not a deathmatch server, but here it is. Our community and the players within are our top priority and we want to offer the best experience possible to them. We will always strive to make things right and allow for a fun, enjoyable player experience to be had here, and for that - this is what we had to do.

We hope you understand everything laid out here, and also please be aware that we will be adding to and/or changing this information from time to time when required.

- Code 4 Roleplay Team

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