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This post will focus on the roleplay vehicle laws and fines that you may face on our server(s) from day to day. We highly recommend reviewing all information provided here at least once every two weeks due to possible updates. If you fail to do so and are either fined or arrested it will be only you who is at fault.

Laws - The provided info below is the maximum a fine and/or jail sentence can exceed, any attempts to ignore this will result in demotion of duties or removal from the server. Failure to pay a fine may result in a much longer jail sentence, officer discretion.

Speed Limit(s):
  • Town and City - 35 MPH / 57 KPH
  • Two (2) lane roads - 55 MPH / 89 KPH
  • Four (4) lane roads - 70 MPH / 113 KPH
  • All other roads have posted speed limits you should follow.

Parking Laws:
  • IDLING is remaining in a vehicle with the engine on / PARKING is leaving the vehicle or sitting with the engine off
  • Vehicles may not PARK or IDLE in red or loading zones
  • vehicles may IDLE on unmarked curbs but must leave if impeding traffic or told by an officer to move on
  • Vehicles may only PARK in marked zones
  • Motorcycles may PARK within a normal spot or within white zebra patterns to save space
  • Alleys may be used for unloading and loading of vehicles only if hazards are on
  • Vehicles may not be PARKED in an alley, if it is only one vehicle width wide
Parking Laws do NOT apply to emergency vehicles or vehicle involve with an accident or incident. Non-emergency vehicles must have their hazards on in these situations. Emergency vehicles must have their lights on.

Traffic Laws:
  • Failure to Stop as Stop Sign | $500
    • Your vehicle must come to a complete stop before continuing forward motion.
    • You must yield to any and all oncoming traffic before continuing.
    • At an intersection, the first person to make a complete stop is the first permitted to go, and in the following order thereafter.
  • Running a Red Light | $1,000
    • Your vehicle must remain fully stopped until the lighting control device(s) turn green.
    • Right on red is only permitted if there are no signs stating otherwise. (Most right hand lane only)
    • You must check to your left and right sides before continuing while stopped at an intersection.
  • Window Tint | $500
    • Illegal Window Tint is above 70%
  • Tailgating another vehicle | $750
    • Tailgating is considered the act of following a vehicle too closely, this could be determined if the driver who is ahead is attentive to the following drivers range and speed, and in the event that the following driver does not have the time needed to stop if the vehicle in front suddenly brakes.
  • Illegal passing | $1,000
    • Passing by entering oncoming traffic, and/or crossing a double solid yellow line.
    • Passing on the shoulder.
    • Attempting to pass on a one-way road.
  • Illegal U-Turn | $1,000
    • Attempting to turn around while at an intersection that has a 'No U-Turn' sign is forbidden.
    • Crossing the yellow lines in an effort to turn around when not at an intersection is not permitted.
    • Making a turn into oncoming traffic is also not permitted.
  • Illegal turn | $1,000
    • Making a turn at an intersection which is marked that no turns are allowed.
    • Turning left on red.
    • Turning from an opposite lane (left from right lane, etc..).
  • Failure to maintain lane | $750
    • Swerving in and out of your designated lane.
    • Driving on the sidewalk.
  • Driving wrong way | $2,500
    • Driving to the wrong side of the road.
    • Driving wrong direction down one-way street.
  • Failure to yield | $1,000
    • Failing to completely stop before entering a roadway.
    • Failing to pull to the side or move in some way to allow an emergency vehicle to pass while running lights and sirens (Code 3 Response).
    • Failing to yield even if the intersection is not visibly marked.
  • Failing to use turn signals | $500
    • Failure to indicate the direction in which you are turning.
    • Failure to indicate before changing lanes.
    • Failure to indicate when passing a motorist.
  • Driving without Headlights at night | $750
    • Failure to have headlights on in the dark.
    • Driving with brights on when passing a player vehicle.
  • Lane Splitting by Motorcycles | $1,000
    • Motorcyclists may lane split on the left of a motor vehicle.
    • Must be done in a safe and prudent manner.
  • Illegal parking | $250
    • Parking on a sidewalk.
    • Parking in a fire zone.
    • Parking on a red marked line.
    • Parking on an active roadway.
    • Parking in a loading zone.
  • Illegal vehicle modifications | $250
    • Using unauthorized horns, such as police air horns.
    • Vehicles which don't have a visible license plate.
    • Using hydraulics on a public roadway.
    • Illegal window tint above 70%.
  • Unroadworthy vehicle | $500
    • Busted headlights, taillights, windshield, and turn signals
    • Popped tires, damaged engine, excessive body damage.
  • Excessive speed
    • < 5 MPH - $750
    • 5-15 MPH - $1,500
    • 15-30 MPH - $3,000 and up to 7 minutes jail time
    • 30 MPH+ - $5000 and up to 10 minutes jail time
  • Valid Tags/Plates | $500 and Impound of Vehicle
    • Vehicles not displaying proper tags or license plates cannot be driven on the roadway
      without a proper police escort. Vehicles in violation may be impounded or escorted off the road.
This list may be incomplete and will likely be added to in the future. We reserve the right to make any and all changes necessary to improve the roleplay experience for our community.

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